365 Squares Vol. II

Here are the 31 first drawings of my second dailydrawing during one year. The project starts May 1st, 2017.
I do this to improve creativity and skills. All are handmade on Arches paper (size: 15x15cm) with different mediums, indian ink and watercolor mostly but you will find ballpoint, graphite, colored pencils and even dried flowers. Like the first challenge, 365 SQUARES i plan to edit a book with all this. (the first book is sold out)
See the first challenge with the #365squares on my Instagram or facebook.
If you want to see the next drawings, I invite you to visit my Instagram account or the shop where you can find and buy the drawings. You can also support this project by pledging on my Patreon page (come, come you can win some drawings when participating :))

Thank for watching!

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