Astral Dance
My finished piece, "Astral Dance" for the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize exhibition 'Representational Modern' beside a lot of awesome artists!
It opens this Saturday 12 January at Modern Eden Gallery
Representational Modern
New works by the Winners, Honourable Mentions and Finalists of the 2018 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize.
Opening Reception: January 12th, 6 - 9 pm.
Exhibition Dates: January 12th – February 1st.
Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA.
To enquire about this work, or to receive the full Collectors Preview email Gallery Director, Kim Larson at

Astral Dance

We are watching you,
We are guiding you.
You are. You were. You will be.
You are everything that comes. That passes away.
You are the first goddess.
And will be the last: 
When there will be no more kids,
In the time of “it is too lates”.
You are a queen and a beggar. 
You carry jewels in your ears and water in a big jar on your head,
Sold, and bought.
Beaten up.
Told to behave.
Taught to remain quiet even when we made you to sing.
Life giver.
Miracle maker.
War trophy.
Kissing your little girl on the forehead.
As she will be everything that comes,
While you become everything passing away
Ready to join us in the Astral Dance,
Soul among the stars,
Now hush, sleep well, child.

Beautifuly written by Z.maselko

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