On elders shoulders,
For Inverarity Gallery’s show, Descendants.
- graphite on wood, 50x40cm -
Story by @z.maselko 
You called me “the shadow of the past”
In a moment of anger and disappointment.
You were painfully honest…
My eyes used to smile so much
Now I prefer to dream and wonder
In the unknown land.
Too many farewells said
Too many losses, chances never realized
Left me scarred
Yet I am not here to apologize.
I am a ghost of your today
My little girl came to say goodbye
Tired of a boring, never-ending preach of mine
I look at you and I see my face instead.
Your hands, they are mine – just youthful.
Same and so different-
Or different but the same, somehow?
My Mama wanted to fight
We struggled for months before
She set me free.
You will understand in many years from now
When the little bauble of love you carry under your heart
Will call you words that you call me now…
Generation by generation 
We steal the idea of freedom and claim it our own
I am not angry, I am sad.
I will miss you so much.
Don’t forget that the future comes from the past and present
I give you my blessing, now go.
I love you.

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